Interaction Australasia has multiple memberships for both individual members and corporate members.

There are a range of benefits to becoming a member of Interaction many of which are outlined below.

"What are the benefits of joining Interaction?"

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Membership Benefits

1 Maintain a close relationship with your chosen vendor at the highest level.
2 Network with your colleagues and hear experiences from the field.
3 Improve your vendor relationships.
4 Hear and see the latest , unreleased news** (**Which maybe under non disclosure).
5 20-30% discount on attendance at the major IBM Technical Symposium every year. This alone represents the cost of membership!
6 Contacts channel for like minded professionals and consultants. LinkedIn, FaceBook & Twitter activity among your peers.
7 Regular Podcasts of interviews and video webinars drawn from around the world.

"What does a typical Interaction meeting consist of?"

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Typical Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening by Interaction Board Member
  2. Presentation by selected IBM Executive or Technical Professional
  3. Multiple short software & hardware Vendor Presentation
  4. Case study by interaction Member
  5. Open Q & A Forum – numerous product updates and distribution of any printed material
  6. Close and networking
Drinks and nibbles will be made available – courtesy of IBM Australia

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